We value your satisfaction and offer a lifetime warranty on our Jewelry for any manufacturing defects. We also offer free repair services for any damages on your purchased items within one (1) year of purchase, as long as the damage was not caused by unusual or extreme wear or use (such as losing it in the drain, snagging it on something, hitting it on something, dropping it in the ocean, crushing it with a car, etc. or other natural disasters or human actions), and according to this Agreement. We will assess the extent of the damage on your Jewelry and may charge additional fees, if needed.

Please note that this warranty does not cover loss or theft of Jewelry, in whole or in part, and does not include any replacement of center stones, no matter how they were lost, misplaced, or damaged. This warranty also does not apply if your Jewelry has been re-sized or changed in any way by someone else without our written approval.

Please note that we do not provide any other warranties, written or spoken, under these Terms.