Clients who purchase Jewelry from the Jeweler will receive a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and well as complementary repair work for any damages on your purchased items for one (1) year, so long as the damage did not result from unusual or extreme wear or use (including but not limited to loss in drain disposal, catching on something, hit on something, lost at sea, run over by car, etc. and other acts of nature or other tools of man), and in accordance with this Agreement. The Jeweler shall have the sole discretion to determine the extent of the damage on the Jewelry and may impose additional fees, as appropriate. Please note that this warranty does not cover loss or theft of Jewelry, in part or in its entirety, and does not entitle Client to any replacements of center stones, regardless of how the center stones were lost, misplaced, or damaged. This warranty also does not extend if your Jewelry has been re-sized or altered in any way by a third party without the express, written authorization of the Jeweler. Please note that no other warranties, written or oral, will be provided under these Terms.