Hello, my name is Issy. I am the designer, model maker, operating manager and occasionally, the delivery service person for Baubou.

My interest in jewelry started in Korea, where I studied and worked in fashion design. One day while strolling around Insadong, as I frequently did during my breaks, I came across a collection of hair ornaments from China and Tibet, as well as an art jewelry exhibition featuring broad designs from accomplished Korean jewelry designers.

My perception of jewelry started to change from that moment on. I saw it more as a form of wearable art rather than an accessory.

Thus, a period of exploration eventually led to a path that brought me to the States, initially, to the Rhode Island School of Design to study the craft, and then to New York City, where I dedicated 15 years honing it and developing technically at numerous jewelry design companies including Ippolita, Nine West Holdings, and Stella & Dot, as well as with other independent design brands.

I started Baubou to make jewelry for those free in spirit and pure at heart with a preference for individuality, adventure, and elegance.

Each piece represents my aesthetic and appreciates for detail and craftsmanship.

Each design captures my imagination, inspirations, and influences; the lens I see through at a moment in time.

In these current collections, you’ll find accents from the past year and a half of my life – textile patterns, the elegant design in nature, as well as animation.

All pieces are made in my studio in New York. Any portion of production that is contracted (i.e. – stone setting, casting) is done here, as well. We support the local economy and small business community, and I am proud to be a part of it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my page. In every piece I’ve made, I see a wink and a smile, and I think it’s because it makes me feel happy and unique.

That is what I hope it can give to you.

about Issy